Thermal Imaging

Regular thermal imaging of building systems and components provides an effective predictive maintenance and troubleshooting tool. In addition, many building insurance companies require annual thermal imaging of electrical systems. System components that are difficult to access, difficult to collect operating data and require troubleshooting are great applications for thermal imaging. A certified thermal imaging professional with the right instrumentation can provide cost effective insights into a facility’s mechanical systems, electrical systems and envelope.

Why use Aero?

  • Certified Thermal Imaging Experts Certified technicians and engineers are trained in the proper usage of thermal imaging equipment. Aero uses state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment to both identify and quantify leaks, mechanical/electrical issues and building envelop deficiencies.
  • Vendor Neutral Aero does not represent any specific manufacture’s product lines. Our analysis and recommendations are based on the best applications of many different manufacture’s products.
  • Design, Construction and Service Expertise Since 1968, Aero staff have encountered 1000’s of buildings and system types. The combination of this experience and comprehensive set of offerings provides a building owner with the resources to address a building problem or inefficiency from start to finish.
  • Focused on Sustainability Environmental conservation and carbon emissions continue to be a significant consideration in how buildings are built and operated. Aero Certified Energy Managers, Licensed PEs and LEED AP staff offer insight into sustainable design and operations critical for managing a building’s environmental impact. Over 30,000 M tons of CO2 emissions have been eliminated as a result of Aero energy efficiency projects. Aero provides a complete solution for financing, executing and reporting sustainability strategies.
To learn more about using thermal imaging as a tool for managing your building assets, contact Nick Muscolino, at