Fume Hood and Laboratory Conversions

Is your lab inefficient?  Do your fume hoods spill?

Aero offers complete conversion services for existing laboratory fume hood systems.

Converting your existing fume hood system provides:

  • Energy Efficiency – Converting your existing hoods will reduce the required exhaust airflow by up to 60%.  This decreases the amount of required outside make-up air, which can lower energy costs by over 50% !
  • Increased Safety – These hoods are designed with horizontal sash openings, meeting OSHA vapor, splash, and explosion requirements.  In addition, these hoods are designed to have a stable vortex at all times, and will pass a zero spill tracer gas test at all sash operating positions.
  • Simplicity – Simple constant volume operation, which offers zero risk, safety, and energy savings that is not dependant on sophisticated controls or the operator.
FH Before-After

Before/After Picture


Hoods can be converted in place into a high performance, low volume system in less than (1) day. The kit provides a demonstrably safer piece of equipment and in all cases the energy savings pay for the conversion.

Aero Testing and Balancing will self perform the entire conversion process, which includes:

  • Energy Calculations
  • Conversion kit installation
  • Re-balancing of the exhaust system
  • Re-balancing of the make-up system
  • Commissioning and testing of the new hoods

Additional Services Include:

  • Re-sizing of ductwork
  • Installation of new ductwork system
  • Replacement of existing exhaust equipment

If you would like more information on Laboratory Exhaust Conversions, please contact Nick Muscolino at nmuscolino@aerotesting.com.