Commissioning provides the processes to ensure a building owner receives the best quality project by verifying the design, installation and operation of building systems. For most new buildings or additions over 15,000 square feet or major renovations, commissioning is required per the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code adopted by Illinois on January 1, 2013. Buildings pursuing LEED certification are also required to commission building systems.

The steps for commissioning a new building, addition or system modification include:


  1. Review of Owners Project Requirements
  2. Design Review
  3. Submittal review
  4. Site Observation Notes
  5. Monthly/Bi-weekly meetings
  6. Review of Owners Project Requirements
  7. Pre-Functional Testing
  8. Functional Performance Testing

Why are building codes and certifications requiring commissioning? Because studies have shown that building owners benefit significantly by getting better quality projects and lower operating costs.

Why use Aero?

  • Streamlined Cx Process: New buildings and major renovations add a lot to an owner’s plate. Aero’s streamlined commissioning process provides building owners with an efficient way to ensure a high performing building. Aero has fine-tuned its commissioning process through dedicated resources and field data input technology. Installed equipment and system data collected as part of the commissioning effort can easily be imported into any CMMS to ensure an owner of data accuracy and significant time savings.
  • Customer Focused Aero delivers its commissioning services with a perspective unique in the industry. The goal of our commissioning team is to provide excellent professional services to the point where owners chose Aero as a long term service and building efficiency partner.
  • Design, Construction and Service Expertise Since 1968, Aero staff have encountered 1000’s of buildings and system types. The combination of this experience and comprehensive set of offerings provides a building owner with the confidence that building systems will be commissioned properly.
  • Focused on Sustainability Environmental conservation and carbon emissions continue to be a significant consideration in how buildings are built and operated. Aero Testing and Balancing Certified Energy Managers, Licensed PEs and LEED AP staff offer insight into sustainable design and operations critical for managing a building’s environmental impact. Over 30,000 M tons of CO2 emissions have been eliminated as a result of Aero energy efficiency projects. Aero provides a complete solution for financing, executing and reporting sustainability strategies.

To learn more about the Aero commissioning program and the benefits of having Aero Testing and Balancing on your team, contact Nick Muscolino at