ASHRAE 110 Fume Hood Testing

Why is ASHRAE 110 Testing Important?

ASHRAE 110 is important to you because your fume hood’s performance is validated in a dynamic environment. The environmental conditions after installation could be significantly different then when initially tested. Fume hood performance can be affected by several factors within the lab such as:

  • Supply and Exhaust Air Patterns
  • Temperature Fluctuations
  • Lab Pressures

What is ASHRAE 110 Testing?

The ASHRAE 110 performance test  specifies the minimum acceptable level of containment for a fume hood when a specific flow rate of a detectable gas is released into an operating hood. The performance test includes:

  • Face Velocity Measurement
  • Local Visualization Test Using Smoke Tubes
  • Large Volume Visualization Tests, Using Smoke Generator
  • Static Tracer Gas Test
  • Dynamic Tracer Gas Test for VAV Systems
  • Verification of Monitor Operation


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